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Music isn’t simply a significant part of the everyday life of Chuck Macist, it’s literally his everyday life; he wouldn’t deny this passion for anything or anyone. Think of it like this. If you opened your front door, walked outside and suddenly there was no air, you’d suffocate. That is exactly what would happen to Chuck with no music. When it comes to creating music, this isn’t just a hobby for this emcee, he doesn’t just write in his spare time, he’s always writing, always thinking of that next song, always looking for ways to make his fans proud, keep them wanting more and making sure each penny they spend on his craft is well spent and never wasted! Chuck is not just a rapper, he’s a composer. Thought goes into every record he makes, and he’s not going to put something out just because the beat sounds nice, if there’s no substance in the song you’ll never hear it. Macist is interested in making music you can listen to today, and when you play it again in 10 years it still sounds as fresh as it did the first time you played it. You wouldn’t eat stale bread would you? So you shouldn’t have to listen to stale music either. Mac promises to deliver music with no expiration date, music that won’t fall along the wayside with the trends, music that’ll entertain you while at the same time relate to whatever it is you may be going through. No matter when, no matter where, Chuck Macist promises to do Whatever It Takes to serve you just what you need, with a hearty side of what you want!
in it’s finest
Consistent, Persistent, Strong, Independent.
A son to a single mother, a brother to the streets of Philadelphia,
Who loves to get his money. Growing assets, researching and investing
Who hates to be stabbed the back, Loves his creator, That’s Chuck. He fears wasted time? So he’s always making moves. Fears the takeover from devils within. He stays true to his creator and his mission. Season after season Chuck has delivered and remained consistent. Do your homework. He’s Persistent, Professional, Educated, Experienced, and Empowered. His poetry of the young black and free battling with inner devils and believing in the creator to maintain will Once again be known as one of those classic productions that changed history… The raps become classic when the poetry is absorbed. Take your time, listen 1st. Then drop this brother a line. He would really appreciate it. The hard work and dedication guarantees you an opening that will capture you. The haters have been there to keep him motivated. He paints in tragedy with the reality of friends who are now the haters but the irony is that they keep him famous. He’s balancing the dark and the light in his journey while ensuring his personal economy remains with a surplus.
The name you can trust.
With so many new artist jockeying to be the next carbon copy Kanye or Drake, Chuck Macist rises refreshingly from the masses as an original artist. Within moments of seeing him or hearing his music your realize there’s no pretense, no tricks. You recognize immediately that his only gimmick is he has no gimmick, just an infectious style that commands you to listen and keep on listening. Within his lines you try to pinpoint exactly who his influences are only to come to the understanding that what you hear is the total sum of all of his experiences. Marvin Gay may have been a soul reference of his but it’s not Marvin you hear it’s Chuck, his style may be slightly reminiscent of LL Cool J but he’s not imitating LL he’s definitely serving you the uniqueness that is him. Chuck possesses and eclectic blend of sensuality, spirituality and soul. His hooks may are contagious but listen closely to his lyrics and they tell you just how deep an individual this artist truly is.
Hanging out with Chuck Macist
Normally when people think about ‘Hanging’ with entertainers they think the atmosphere is extremely hostile and everyone is either high or drunk. But, ‘Hanging’ with Chuck Macist is nothing like that. Whenever we go out I always have a good time. Sometimes we go places that are low key or an open Mic night. Anytime we go out people always seem to gravitate toward Chuck..

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